― bell hooks

"The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is - it’s to imagine what is possible."

― bell hooks

"The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is - it’s to imagine what is possible."

― bell hooks

"The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is - it’s to imagine what is possible."



"Kala is a joy to work with and also a highly artistic ritual theatre sculptor – she does her own inner work, has a vision and something deep and compelling to express to our wounded culture – Kala molds energy as clay to create both disquieting and healing experiences that speak to our profound disconnections to ourselves and the Earth – join her and be ready to be transformed."

Healing Artist, NJ

"I have often heard the term 'holding space for...'. Sunday I finally understood. Frustration, fear and shame did not leave me; nor did they constrain me. I could note them and not flee or rage or numb; I could still feel, listen, write, read, give and receive. I have longed for this. Sunday felt like a homecoming, both in tears and the laughter (the laughter – what a surprise that was!). I still see the circle; I know our names; I listened and spoke; we gently remade our stories. Thank you. What a journey."

Consultant, NYC

"Both pilgrimages were absolutely amazing!  I was brought gently back to the innocence and power of my femininity; to appreciate rather than abolish parts of my being which I had considered unacceptable.  I am so grateful for this work that paves the way for all women to find our way home."

Accountant, Woodstock

"Grief has no words, yet Kala gracefully weaves together the threads of a shared story and its archetypal imagery while guiding participants through their individual process giving language and color to the dark shadow of grief leading to deep transformation and communal healing."

Art psychotherapist, Colorado

"My invitation into the Midwives Circle was an invitation home - to an ancestral calling that had whispered imperceptibly to me for decades, perhaps even generations. In community with the midwives, I have finally found my voice; danced my heart song; metabolized generational grief, and found space enough inside to hold space for the most important people in my life. I will be forever grateful to Kala and her guided support and the moment that I heeded the call and answered with a resounding 'YES!!!’”

Executive, NYC

“This is the space where I find the geometry of my creations and my own inner being. What is the artist’s role in modern society? More than a song and a dance, a laugh or a scare or a tear?  More than therapy? How do we lead our communities forward with inspiration into transformation? Beyond playwriting. How to we create experiences that can unleash the lava within us all and help transform that fire into …. It begins with the self; it opens to the community; it serves the Earth. I can’t figure any other reason why we are here.”

Theatre Director, Worldwide

"After our pilgrimage of remembrance I am thankful to be back in a path of 'sanacion', healing and love, able to hold my 'inadequate' and fragile self and to accept her, welcome her and laugh with her/me and our community. Going from crying to laughter, from grieving to feeling me and my ancestors' millenial pain and strength, fierceness, anger and deep tenderness is what I have learned to embrace. Gracias a la vida que me ha dado tanto…”

Anthropology Professor, NYC

“Pilgrimage was one of the most memorable and rewarding rites of passage that I ever attended. The ritual was carefully envisioned and imbued with iridescent imagination, dedication to authentic expression and fearless willingness to explore the liminal edge of powerful emotions and archetypes."

Filmmaker, NYC

“This 'new form' turns out to be a beautiful, awakening, mystical yet highly conscious form of theater ritual - the most that I have embodied. It is a tapping into the cosmos through surrendering to performative transformation of ritual theatre in nature! What I had dreamed of experiencing is now happening. A shift, an invitation, an opening leading to greater personal capacity and understanding: Yes!”

Acupuncturist, NYC

"As a person with a disability, the scapegoat ritual helped me come to realize the power I gave my disability, both as burden and gift; and identify the energy which was serving me, as well as devouring.  The process is enlightening, challenging, rewarding, fun, and ultimately expanding.  I feel better equipped to more fully participate in the experience of being alive due to participating in Wonderstory."

Playwright, Chicago

"That’s the experience for me. The shiny, twinkling, shimmering, movement, dance – you can't make it out fully, can't grasp exactly what it is –  and yet you know it’s magnificent.”

Women’s Advocate, Cambridge

"I have such deep gratitude for this work, which has given me the courage to unfold the crumpled map of my artistry, smooth it on my lap, and really look at it for the first time. Where I used to see only impossible dead ends and roads not taken, I now see a gorgeous collection of side streets and alleyways that is worthy in its own right.”

Singer, Texas

"This safe yet wildly charged playing field allows you to dive deep into a world of rich discovery fueled by a sense of unending Wonder - it invites old, calcified grief that no longer serves to move and burst forth into a renewed vulnerability - that is a call to YES~! Inspired Play.... creativity at its most Pure.”

Teacher, Virginia

"At the deepest level, artistic theatre and the enactment of any healing process arise from the same human impulse. Both processes reveal our personal narratives to be intrinsically woven within universal patterns.  Wonderstory provides an intimate, honest, and enlivening Theatre of Becoming!"

Psychotherapist, New Paltz

"Kala is a highly skilled shamanic artist who creates sacred spaces and opportunities for people to explore, be witnessed, and find their truth.  I feel honored that I’ve been able to join in her rituals and have come through them with a felt sense of my authentic self. Thank you Kala for your intentional creative vision and ability to support transformation.

Therapist, MA

Art Credits

Kala extends a deep bow to her visionary mentors, without whom Ecoro would not be possible, and the incredible artists who brought this website to life:

Kazuaki Tanahashi | brushmind.net
Enso (zen circle) seen on Home page & inside Ecoro logo

Hojin Kimmel | zmm.mro.org
Watercolor paintings at the top and bottom of each page. Hojin graciously allowed us to alter the original color on her artwork.

Oana Botez | oanabotez.com
Midwife & Sacred Clown drawings; Ouroboros at the bottom of Pilgrimage page

Deborah Koff-Chapin | Inner Portraits at Touchdrawing.com
Inner Portrait of Kala on Healing page

Kate VanDevender | hooraykate.com
Web design


    “Only when we slip beneath the exclusive human logic continually imposed upon the earth do we catch site of this other, older logic at work in the world.”David Abrams

    ~Ruby Dee

    "The Divine Impulse - it's always safe to follow it. We've got to trust it and go wherever it takes us. Especially women.”